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Aathavanitli Gani was launched in May 2003 as a web resource of Marathi songs.

Aathavanitli Gani has been created with the purpose of preserving and promoting the richly varied culture of Marathi songs to all like-minded lovers of Marathi language, irrespective of their geographic location, race, religion or ethnicity.

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While full attention will be given to maintain the website 24 / 7 / 365 with accurate material and regular updates, given the ever-fickle nature of technology and legality, we cannot guarantee these things. Feel free to point out any lapses.

Aathavanitli Gani is a completely non-commercial and non-profit entity. It is absolutely free to anyone and everyone. No donations or charity pledges are asked.

निवडक अभिप्राय
आठवणीत असलेल्या पण आठवत नसलेल्या मराठी गाण्यांना उजाळा देणारे एकमेव संकेत-स्थळ म्हणजे आठवणीतली गाणी. या अवीट मराठीची गोडी सगळ्या मराठी मनांसाठी विनामुल्य उपलब्ध केल्याबद्दल तुझे नुसते मन:पूर्वकच काय पण अगदी नेत्र-कर्णपूर्वक आभार.
- सुधीर ओक